The evolution of perspective, the chronicling of journeys, and a series of overwhelming thoughts.

in response to 'This is America' by Childish Gambino

I’ve left earth in search of a darker planet.

A solar system all too close to a black hole.

I’ve left a patch of dirt in my place

and many of you will not see the difference.

Give it my name if it makes you feel

better, while you run your hand through

its soiled scalp.


I’ve left in search of a new God,

I do not trust the one you have placed here.

A grandmothers hallelujah is only amplified

by her fear each time the summer 

swallows another baby who sung in

the choir. Take your God back.


I’ve left earth in search of position.

A seat placed in the gentle of the sun.

Placed just close enough to mimic the

haunting pop of a piece. A sentiment separate

from its reality


I’ve left earth in search of truth.

I search for truth with an intent of eliminating

my obliviousness to the definitions of happenings.

For a zoom around a repeated offense.

For the materialization of an abstract fact.

Olivia GreenComment